Finicky Fox Consignment Terms:

  1. All articles must be in next-to-new condition and ready for resale.
  2. Prices will be established by Finicky Fox.
  3. The consigner will receive forty percent (40%) of the sale price after the article is sold. Consigner may collect payment for articles sold by coming to Finicky Fox Monday through Saturday 10am to 5:30pm.
  4. Consignments are accepted Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 10am to 4:30pm.
  5. Seasonal schedule: spring and summer — January thru July; fall and winter — August thru December.
  6. Articles accepted will be placed on sale for a total of fifty (50) days. The schedule for automatic price reduction is as follows:
    1. The initial price will be held for fourteen (14) days.
    2. After 14 days, an article may be reduced by twenty-five percent (25%) of the initial price.
    3. After 28 days, an article may be reduced by fifty percent (50%) of the initial price for 14 days and 7 more days at seventy-five (75%) off.
    4. After 50 (50) days, unsold articles will become property of Finicky Fox, LLC.
  7. An unsold article may be reclaimed by physically locating it in Finicky Fox and completing the removal procedure with an associate. PLEASE NOTE: we do not notify consignors when their 50 days are complete. The consignor is responsible for keeping track of this time reference, if it is your wish to not have unsold articles donated.
  8. For items donated to charity, the consignor may request a statement indicating: (1) the total estimated value of the items donated, (2) the name of the charitable agency.
  9. Although good care will be taken of articles consigned with Finicky Fox, everything is left at the owner’s risk. Finicky Fox is not responsible for loss due to fire, theft, or damages.

*At times there are conditions that make it necessary for us to stop accepting consignments for a day or two in order to get caught up.  Please call ahead to be sure that consignments will be taken that day. Our store number is: 804-754-8849.

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